State troopers talk about miraculous crash escape

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INDIANAPOLIS – Two state troopers who survived a terrifying crash with a semi truck Tuesday spoke to Fox 59 about their miraculous escape.

Senior Trooper Bill Dalton and Sergeant Terry Treon were back at work Wednesday, just a day after that accident.

The two men were driving together on I-70 East just outside downtown, when a semi truck next to them drifted. It happened fast.

“I could see that his head was down and his eyes were closed,” Dalton said.

“(He) made the comment that, ‘I think he’s asleep,'” Treon said.

Treon tried to get out of the way, but the truck slammed into their back passenger side, sliding them across five lanes and eventually coming to a rest on top of Dalton in the passenger seat.

“It was crushed in, I couldn’t have sat up,” Dalton said.

Amazingly, the car held up enough for Dalton to escape injury. He was leaning across the center console and he and Treon were both able to crawl out to safety.

“I’ve seen lesser crashes that people haven’t walked away from,” Treon said.

Investigators believe a medical condition contributed to the truck driver’s unconsciousness, causing him to drift. He was in good condition at the hospital Wednesday.

In the end, both men said that they’re actually glad it was their car that the truck hit.

“We’d rather it had been us that got hit than maybe a family that wasn’t as prepared to handle a stressful situation like that,” Treon said.

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