Construction headaches may get worse for drivers

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CARMEL – Traffic troubles will continue along U.S. 31 and 465; INDOT crews indicate traffic may get worse before it gets better.

Currently, crews are building two flyover ramps that will allow people to get off the highway and onto U.S. 31 in either direction without having to go through a traffic light. Recently, drivers have noticed 465 backing up because of that construction.

Mike Miller drives in the area daily and gets stuck in traffic.

“It seems like every other time there (are) more cones in different areas,” Miller said.

The construction for the flyover ramp is part of a bigger construction project called the “New U.S. 31 Hamilton County Project” that’s expected to be completed by the end of 2015. People will notice improvements along the state road between 96th Street and State Road 38. There will not be any traffic lights; they’ll be replaced by roundabouts. The entire project is expected to cost close to $350 million.

“It’s going to be a construction zone through the end of 2015. We do plan for a full closure of U.S. 31 in 2015 and much of the construction that’s going to take place in the next year or so is to prepare for that closure. (We will) get some of those those local routes in order to handle some of that displaced traffic,” Nathan Riggs with INDOT said.

Riggs said the goal is to make things better for drivers, even though traffic will get worse before it gets better.

“It’s a short-term inconvenience for the long-term benefit for these motorists.”