Free energy checks available to help save money, weatherize home

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Temperatures are dropping and many homeowners are turning on their furnaces. That means energy bills will start to increase. Energizing Indiana is doing free home energy assessment checks to help people find problem areas where heat is escaping from their homes.

Fox59 followed along with Energy Assessment Supervisor Mike Bass who explained to homeowner Cathy Holdman how to cut back on energy costs.

“Typically this time of year, the heating season, is going to be the biggest energy use of the year, so a lot of times heating can account for 45, maybe 50 percent of your bill. This is the perfect time of year to start preparing for these furnaces to kick on,” Bass said.  

Bass started his inspection at the Holdman’s furnace, warning Cathy she may need to replace hers soon since it’s 17 years old. He said regular maintenance visits from a professional and monthly changing of the air filter are helping to keep it running.

He then went along the vents and checked the air ducts for gaps in the seals.

Bass said loose sealant around doors and windows is where hot air finds it way out of the house.

“We just want to check and make sure that we’re not having a bunch of drafts and letting all that heat escape that we just paid for,” Bass said.

“They gave us info about free or low cost changes we could make, so those will be some expenses we’ll budget in over time,” said Cathy.

The energy assessment check takes about an hour and a half.

“They came out and gave us some good info. Not many things in life are free anymore, so this was really good,” said Cathy.

During the assessment, Energizing Indiana also installs CFL light bulbs and energy efficient shower heads.

“As more energy is being used, we need to find areas where we’re going to start cutting back, so if it can save us from having to build another power plant, that’s going to help us all out,” Bass said.