How to sell your home during the holiday season

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Even though it’s the holiday season, it doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home or buy one this time of year.

Realtors tell Fox59 there are fewer homes sold in the winter time, but buyers this time of year know what they’re looking for.

“When you have showings in December, prospective buyers are not going to be a bunch of ‘tire-kickers’ like they might be in May, June and July,” said RE/MAX relator Brett Young. “People looking right now are folks who are serious about buying a home when they are out shopping for a home, instead of shopping for Christmas.”

Rex Eaton, a homeowner in Greenwood, says he needs a new house for his growing family. He’s following several of the tips to selling a home during the holiday.

“It seems everyone is doing online searches, at least their initial searches, and so having good pictures is very important just to get that initial attraction to your house,” said Eaton. “That’s why our home is online with a realtor and the pictures are professionally taken. That way potential buyers can see what they’re getting.”

You can no longer depend solely on people driving by your house or looking in the newspaper. The biggest tip of all is not to overprice your home. If you do, your house could sit on the market, which will drive down interest and make people think something’s possibly wrong with it.

According to the National Association of Realtors, sellers often choose a price based on need, ego or greed. But it’s all about supply and demand, and many homeowners are realizing you can’t shoot for the stars to land a buyer.

“That is really the most important part, because otherwise you’re not going to get people through the house. People are not going to come in and take a look at the house if they don’t think it’s priced right, “ said Eaton.

Here are a few more tips to sell your home during the holiday.

“Talk to a few agents, have them come in and give you some ideas. They often will give you ideas not only on conditions, but setting up the home correctly,” said Young. “Realtors will talk about proper pricing based on what’s going on in your particular market because every neighborhood is different. It’s a must to drill down on where your home is.”

And if you do overprice your home, or if your realtor does, don’t be afraid to lower the price. But how do you know when to say when?

“We have a simple rule of when. If we’ve done about 10 showings, with no offers, that means we’re priced too high,” said ERA Real Estate Broker John Stone.
He also told Fox59 a benefit of using a realtor is that prospective buyers are more likely to give them feedback.

“Most people looking at your home won’t tell you there’s something they don’t like about the house, and if you get that feedback, you can fix the areas people see as deficiencies in your home,” said Stone.

“We also have another tip during the holiday,” said Stone. “Don’t over decorate, especially inside. You don’t want to make your house cluttered if someone’s going to be coming in.
You want to make sure they can see the space and not see what your decorations are.”

Finally, a house showing is not the time to save on your gas or electric bill. If people are going to venture out in the cold to look at your house, make sure your house is warm and cozy.
That means, have the lights on, and maybe even play some soft music. If you have a fireplace, light it.

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