Noblesville man says “the sky’s the limit” after hitting jackpot

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By: Hoosier Lottery

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 6, 2013) – -A Hamilton County man who won $98,684 in the Hoosier Lottery says “the sky’s the limit!”

Mouhamadou “Mo” Fall said “this gives me options and opens a lot of doors.”

The insurance salesman lives in Noblesville but purchased his jackpot-winning Cash 5 ticket in Yorktown at BP at 8913 West Smith Street while working last week.

Fall plans to do his research and proceed slowly, but ultimately hopes his windfall will move him closer to fulfilling his dream of being in business for himself eventually.  He’s not making any career moves just yet, but is continuing to work toward a goal of opening his own insurance agency one day.  He is determined to put his winnings to work for him in that capacity but says he needs “to think about it” before doing anything.

“You catch once-in-a-lifetime only once in a lifetime,” said Fall.

Fall’s Cash 5 ticket matched all five numbers in the Nov. 1 drawing.  The jackpot for that drawing was actually $197,000 and change, but for the first time since Cash 5 launched in November 2012, the drawing produced two jackpot-winning tickets.  Michigan City steel worker Christopher Lane also matched all five numbers in the Nov. 1 drawing, so the two winners split the jackpot and received $98,684 each before taxes.

While lesser men might be upset at having to share their winnings, Fall was characteristically positive.

“I’m not mad.  It is awesome!” said Fall. “The Colts won this weekend, too.  This is my week.”