Bullying survivor: NFL scandal sending wrong message

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INDIANAPOLIS – A Central Indiana teen who overcame bullying in her high school is speaking out against the negative reaction over a bullying scandal in the NFL.

Last week, the Miami Dolphins suspended guard Richie Incognito amid accusations he bullied offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

“No matter how bad or how vulgar it sounds, um, that’s how we communicate, that’s how our friendship was,” said Incognito in an exclusive sit-down interview with FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer.

The story has been hard for Annie Barlow to hear. Three years ago, Barlow’s whose self-esteem was battered and broken from bullying.

“You’re stupid. Nobody loves you. Go kill yourself. If you don’t kill yourself, I’m gonna kill you,” she recalled what she’d heard and admitted,she was planning to hurt herself as a result.

Barlow has come a long way since then. Now she’s afraid the recent events in the NFL and the negative reaction surrounding it is sending the wrong message to victims of bullying who have yet to speak up.

“I know how I felt when I was bullied and I know how people feel when they get bullied,” she explained.  “If this is what he does when he speaks out then why in the world should I speak out?”

Her worst fear is that someone will “harm them-self, because they are afraid to speak out. Because look at what’s going on with (Martin).”

“Just speak up,” she advised. “Don’t ever hide it in.”

There are several local organizations that combat bullying including:

Bully Prevention Alliance

Bully Safe Indiana

End Bullying Now!

Stop Bullying

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