Find tornado damage you might have missed

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KOKOMO — The mood in Kokomo was as dreary as the rainy day on Thursday. As cleanup moves forward, families are starting to look back at what they had.

“Definitely anytime a tornado comes through, it’s a terrible thing,” said Jeff Ormond with Allstate. “We call it the moment of truth at Allstate. We get to help people in their greatest time of need.”

Ormond and the Allstate National Catastrophe Team have set up shop in Kokomo.

Ormond said there are a few things you need to do right away if your home suffered storm damage.

Check for wall cracks. Cracks a quarter inch or more are signs walls may have shifted. Look closely around windows and doors which are the weakest spots in a homes construction.

Inspect plumbing by flushing all toilets, turning on all faucets, and looking for leaking water.

Check your gutters. Damaged gutters could cause water damage well down the road.

Ormond also wants to bust a common myth.

“Folks might be nervous to make temporary repairs, but it’s really okay,” he said. “They should take some pictures. The idea behind making temporary repairs is that you’re preventing further damage. You can put a tarp on a roof, or board up a window, and then just show the pictures to your adjuster later.”

In the next phase of recovery, you’ll be dealing with contractors. Watch out for scammers. Get recommendations from friends, family, or the Better Business Bureau.

One big warning sign that you might be dealing with a scammer is if they ask for all the money upfront.

“You don’t want to pay the entire amount before the work begins,” said Ormond. “Typically what you want to put upfront is about 20 percent of the job.”

The Allstate National Catastrophe Team is set up in the Kokomo Lowe’s parking lot (4005 S LaFountain) and will be in place through Saturday.

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