Hoosier who became witness to history recounts Kennedy assassination

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Of all the witnesses in Dealey Plaza that terrible day in Dallas, only one was injured by a shot that missed John Kennedy altogether.  James Tague is a native Hoosier who’s journey to Dallas started in Plainfield, Ind.

Tague was born in Plainfield 77 years ago.  He graduated from Plainfield High School and still has relatives in the Hoosier state.

Tague ended up in Dealey Plaza by accident–he got stuck in traffic along the president’s motorcade and got out of his car just in time to hear the shots.

Tague was then struck by shrapnel created when one of the bullets meant for Kennedy missed and struck the concrete curb where he was standing.  In the commotion, he didn’t noticed he was cut until a police officer told him.

“He looks up at me and says you’ve got blood on your face and I reached up and sure enough, there was blood on my hand,” said Tague.

Tague became a key part of the Warren Commission’s report on the assassination.  His injury proved one of the bullets missed the motorcade and that fact fueled conspiracy theories that persist today.  He became a footnote to history.

But James Tague says he wasn’t changed by that day 50 years ago.

“I was 27 years old then, I’m 77 years old today.  I can tell you it doesn’t seem like 50 years.”


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