The best deals for Black Friday

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What should you buy on Black Friday, if you want a good deal? And what shouldn’t you purchase?

It’s true, not everything will be a great bargain come Turkey day. Here’s one item you will definitely find good deals on!

“Weddings and wedding dresses are just at an all-time low demand. So because of that low demand, it actually gives brides a time to bargain with the boutiques,”
said Mark LoCastro, Public Relations with

The website does extensive research on the best deals, and then passes them onto consumers. Here’s another example of what to buy.

“We actually just saw a Black Friday advertisement from Walmart that was releasing an Emerson 50 inch HDTV for $288,” said LoCastro.

And that was an all-time low price for that make and model. Black Friday is a fantastic time to buy a new “store brand” TV, specifically 47 to 55 inch televisions. And almost all electronics will likely lead holiday gift buying, even if the deals are not fantastic. That’s true here in Indianapolis, and around the country.

“You’ll see great deals on PS4’s, the new XBox1 and cameras to record daily action. You can put those cameras right on top of your helmet.

Or you can put it on your handlebars, or inside a car. This is what teenagers are looking for. I think this is going be the hot item this year, said Dave Poletti, Store Director for Meijer on South Port Road.

The current price for the mountable cameras is just under $250. But Poletti says, that price will likely drop to just under $200 by Black Friday.

But forewarning, not everything is at the best price or the best sale come Black Friday. Some things are better off if you wait! So what should you avoid on Black Friday?

“Let’s talk about TV’s again. If you want a premium brand, like a Samsung, Sony or LG, deals are more plentiful in January or February, around the end of football season,” said LoCastro.

Toy deals are also generally not as good of a buy on Black Friday. The best time to buy toys are 2 weeks into December, if you can wait.

And when it comes to buying clothes, those items are not so cut and dry.

“The best sales on winter clothing actually start in January, but “best of the year” coupons start in November and Black Friday.

So, if you shop around and use the coupons, you can find some great Black Friday deals,” said LoCastro.

Cookware and cutlery are items you might want to think about buying right after Thanksgiving, or even before. There are 40% more deals in November on cookware and cutlery versus the previous month. And at Meijer, their own brand called, “Grand Gourmet” is currently 30% off.

Tablets are also a good buy. Expect to pay just $200 for the Google Nexus 7, and maybe $315 for the RT “Surface” from Micro-soft. But don’t expect great deals on the more sought-after Samsung tablets or the I-pad Air. The demand is just too high to see significant price reductions.

For a complete list of what to buy and not to buy around Black Friday, along with ad deals and shopping advice check out this site.

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