IPS student “poisons” teacher, adds hand sanitizer to water bottle

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 22, 2013)– Three students at Key Community Learning Center have gotten in trouble with police after one put hand sanitizer in a teacher’s water bottle at another student’s urging.

An investigation is under way at the school on 777 S. White River Pkwy W. Dr., where some students are accused of attempting to “poison” teacher Rachel Purswell, 23, according to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. The incident happened Monday morning.

She had taken a drink of her water after hand sanitizer had been added and spit it out. She said she may have swallowed a little bit of the hand sanitizer but declined medical attention.

The school administration had students write statements. One admitted to placing some hand sanitizer in Purswell’s water bottle. The other two students blame the other for suggesting the idea. Expulsion has been recommended for the student who admitted to tampering with the teacher’s water. The other two students have been suspended.

When asked for comment, IPS spokesman John Althardt said the case was still under investigation and that “any charges that might be filed would occur next week.”

“Our first priority is to support and maintain a safe learning environment and an equally safe workplace. Our investigation is continuing and those involved will be held accountable and subject to the school district discipline policy,” Althardt said.

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