Arctic air set to arrive for this weekend

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Here comes more cold air.

Temperatures will dip sharply tonight to the coldest weather we have seen in months?  Are you prepared?  While it’s been weeks since we have seen our first hard freeze the weather will dip below 15° overnight tonight with a wind chill value closing in on 0!  This means any exposed pipes should be covered and protected from the elements.  You should double check any survivor kits you have in your vehicle or at home to ensure your stock of first aid equipment has not been used up.  Check flashlights and prepare extra blankets for use justRBS_TEMP4 in case you lose power at your home.

If you have to be out in the cold there are a couple of tips that you could use.  Make sure you cover as much skin as possible.  Lotion up to help ensure you trap in moisture.  Gradually warm yourself when you do come in from the cold.  If you do get frostbite don’t unthaw yourself until you know for certain you won’t be freezing again.  Finally if you do get frostbite please go to your doctor for instructions on what to do.


Winds will make it feel even colder

The entire week is going to stay below average when it comes to temperatures, but the coldest of the weather will certainly happen this weekend.  There will be a chance for light snow today as well but no accumulations are expected.  Snow chances return on Monday and Tuesday with some light snow possible on both days.  Once again it won’t be much and is not expected to accumulate.

Thanksgiving Day will still be a cold one but not as cold as this weekend.  Highs should hit the upper 30s with sunshine.