‘Massive fire’ consumes building on near northwest side, IFD says

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A fire described as “massive” by the Indianapolis Fire Department consumed a building on 30th and Clifton streets Saturday night.

Early indications are that nobody was injured, but firefighters dealt with heavy smoke while dealing with the blaze.

Meanwhile, IFD said that power was shut off in a four block area around the fire for firefighter safety and Indianapolis Power & Light crews responded to the scene.

IFD said the building used to belong to the United Northwest Area, Inc., (UNWA) and, earlier, it was an American First National Bank branch.

A former president of UNWA, Shelley Covington, told FOX59 that the building was recently sold to be rehabbed and turned into a senior center.  The project was part of a larger effort to rehab that part of the near northwest side and this fire serves as a major setback, Covington said.