ONLY ON FOX: Family of deadly Nineveh fire speaks out

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JOHNSON COUNTY–The family affected by the deadly fire in the small community of Nineveh is talking only to FOX 59 news. The Friday evening fire claimed the lives of two infants, and sent their mother to the hospital where she is clinging to life.

29-year-old Sirena Slusher-Abbott is lying in a hospital bed in critical condition, on a ventilator, with burns on 35% of her body. Her two infant children, six-month-old John Ryan and 18-month-old Haley were found dead in the rubble of the burned home.

Fire fighters from several agencies were called to their home along county road 775 in Nineveh around Five o’clock Friday evening. The entire building was engulfed by the time first responders arrived almost ten minutes later. Fire fighters say Sirena and her other daughter, five year old Alexandria, escaped. Sirena tried to go back in to save her infants, but was overcome by the intense blaze. It’s heartbreaking to report that the two little ones, John Ryan and Haley died. They lived such short lives, but the family says they will have a lot of memories that will keep them smiling.

Jesse Frick, Sirena’s brother-in-law said, “They really will, it was a very short time, but they will always be in our hearts. It’s never gonna go away. The pain is never gonna go away, the happy memories are never gonna go away.”

“So far there has been an extreme amount of outpouring of concern, of prayers, of condolences. And the family just wants to thank those that have reached out so graciously, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. None of this has gone unlooked,” said brother-in-law David Dodson.

“She’s (Sirena) got a long road ahead of her, she’s in critical care right now, she’s on a ventilator, but it’s more for her safety to keep her calm so she can fight. It’s gonna be a long road,” said Frick.

All the family can ask for now is prayers and continued support as they come together and hope for the best outcome possible.

The cause of the fire is unknown.