Knightstown police chief gets electrocuted to buy much-needed cruisers

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Knightstown’s police chief agreed to be hit with a Taser to raise money for new police cruisers. His department is relying on one cruiser, and one Humvee, that would be used in the more rural areas in an emergency.

“I have three full-time, five part-time, and nine reserves, and we all have to use the same car,” said Knightstown Police Chief Danny Baker.

He was shot with the Taser in a middle school gym on Wednesday, and the town clerk treasurer followed for what also became a teaching tool for young kids. A K9 officer also showed the crowd what his partner could do.

Baker said he has tried everything else in the past to raise money for important tools that keep his officers and his community safe: hog roasts, poker runs, golf outings, donation letters and even an Elvis impersonator who collected donations.

The chief said he believes he may raised $39,000 with this rare fundraising event, but he need $66,000 to buy two police cruisers, which is his goal.

“Sometimes you have to go to the extreme to be able to get what you need, and he’s out here doing what he needs to provide for his department,” said patrolman Derek Bertrand.

A Texas company even promised Baker $25,000 to skip the jolt, but he said he made a promise to his town when he received their donations, and he was going to be true to his word.
In the end, chief said the company that he identified as Beck Communications, sent him a promise letter with the full amount of $25,000.

The 63-year-old chief’s wife of 38 years was in the audience during the event. Fox 59 asked the chief what she was thinking ahead of the big jolt.

“She wants to pull the trigger,” he said. “She likes to see me in pain, I guess.”

Baker also told Fox 59 a Fishers company promised to install the equipment in his cruisers for free, but he is not finished raising donations.

They are being accepted at the Knightstown Police Department:

24 South Washington St.
Knightstown, IN 46148
(765) 345-2785