Humane Society for Hamilton County celebrating Black Friday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (November 29, 2013) — The Humane Society for Hamilton County took advantage of Black Friday by offering deep discounts. The shelter reduced adoption fees for its black cats and dogs that the executive director explains often go overlooked because of a so-called shelter phenomenon.

“The reality is there is an issue called, ‘black dog syndrome.’ It affects cats as well, but this is something that happens, a phenomenon in shelters where black cats and dogs tend to be overlooked,” said Rebecca Stevens, Executive Director for the Humane Society for Hamilton County.

An adult cat that may cost upwards of $75 could be adopted for as low as $5 on Friday.The pricetag increased throughout the day to $20.

“I like kitties, and sometimes kitties like me, and they like me a lot,” said five-year-old Ally, who already has a cat and is in the market for a small dog.
Luckily, her parents are on board.

“Hopefully, we can find a little winner, and it looks like we have,” said Andrew Scott, Ally’s father.

Even though the Black Friday deal expired, a month-long campaign starts on Sunday.

“It’s the entire month of December. We’re going to feature 20 animals, 10 cats and 10 dogs, that have waited for homes the longest or need them most urgently,” said Stevens.

Families will see reduced adoption fees and get gift packages along with some other incentives that could be worth upwards of $1,000.

For more information, you can log onto the Humane Society for Hamilton County website:

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