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Small businesses prepare for big business

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INDIANAPOLIS — Small businesses all across Central Indiana are getting ready for their day in the spotlight. “Small Business Saturday” encourages Hoosiers to shop the local retailers, and save money at the same time!

Mass Ave Toys is a place where kids and kids at heart can explore and have fun. If you ask owner Natalie Canull, she’ll tell you the people who come in here are of a specific demographic, they love local…

“People who come in and say ‘well I saw this on Amazon, but I’d rather buy it from you.’ Ya know? So there is a loyalty,” Canull said.

Mass Ave Toys and other shops are taking part in “Small Business Saturday”. Mass Ave Toys is offering a 10 percent discount on items as a way to thank customers, some who’ve been coming here since it opened.

“We’re in our seventh year,” Canull said.

When Mass Ave Toys first opened, it was located in a small area that didn’t provide a lot of room at all. Today, it is in a much larger area, proof that small can be big. That same sentiment is felt across the street at Silver In The City. The Hoosier-owned gift shop is chock full of items sold with a local flare.

“Absolutely, it’s all fun unique things. And we try to have a unique and diverse product line so it gives an opportunity for other smaller companies out there to have an outlet as well,” said Alex Reyes, assistant manager of Silver In The City.

You can bet they, too, are excited about what’s to come with Small Business Saturday.

“Its just a really great chance for us to shine and show that we can still be competitive with those big box retailers out there,” Reyes said.

Silver In The City is also offering a 10 percent discount on purchases. To handle the crunch, a lot of these stores will stay open later. Silver in the City and Mass Ave Toys will be open until 10 p.m. Saturday night.

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