Six Connersville women attacked, police chief asks for help

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CONNERSVILLE, IN — Connersville Police Chief David Counceller says he’s frustrated. Six women in his community have been attacked in the past month. All were pushed to the ground in public places and their purses were stolen.

“We have our share of crime, but these purse snatchings, no,” said Chief Counceller. “This one is really frustrating.”

The attacks all happened between 6-10 p.m.

The first was on November 7th at the intersection of 8th and Sycamore. The next attack was in front of the Main Street Market on November 14th. The next day, a woman was pushed down in front of Stacks Restaurant. A woman was a victim at the Main Street Market again on November 24th. The next purse snatching was November 25th at the intersection of 8th and Walnut. The most recent occurrence was on November 30th in front of Kroger.

Chief Counceller is asking residents to think back to those dates if you were in that area, and think about anything else that might be a good lead.

“Maybe somebody is bragging or maybe somebody saw Joe Blow have some extra cash that he normally doesn’t have or maybe he saw some credit cards he normally doesn’t have,” said Chief Counceller. “Any type of tip like that would help.”

Detectives have surveillance video from Kroger, but it doesn’t shed much light on the cases.

The victims have described attackers from tall to short, and in all different colors of clothing. They believe more than one person is responsible, but are not sure if they’re necessarily working together.

Chief Counceller says you need to be on guard, whether you live in Connersville or not.

“Pay attention to your surroundings and don’t make yourself a target.”

If you know anything, call the Connersville Police Department at 765-825-2111 and ask to speak to any detective.

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