Communities south of city struggle with treacherous road conditions

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Communities south of Indianapolis have been dealing with several inches of snow over the last 24 hours that have created plenty of treacherous roadways. Local authorities and Indiana State Police reported minor, but frequent accidents that were keeping them busy Friday morning and early Friday evening.

“We brought some extra clothes. My wife is very thoughtful. We have boots and jackets,” said Tim VanMeter, a driver FOX59 ran into in Franklin. He said it is important to be prepared just in case.

“It has been kind of crazy,” said Trent Parker, whose classes were cancelled Friday because of the wintry mix already on the ground and the incoming snow.

Interstate 65 was at a standstill ahead of the Richmond Exit after an accident that caused a several mile long backup.

“Keep the distance from the vehicle in front of you because it doesn’t take long for one accident to turn an Interstate, that is open to traffic, into a mess, where we’re diverting off into side roads, and it makes it difficult for local law enforcement to deal with that extra traffic,” said Doug Cox, Johnson County Sheriff.

Sheriff Cox said they had more than 20 accidents as of Friday morning, and reported more a few hours after the snow started falling again in the afternoon. He asked that drivers slow down and pay attention. His staff was working multiple accidents throughout the county.

He continued. “We just need people to use common sense. If you have to go to work, go to work. Just make sure you are careful so you can get there safely.”

“It was pretty scary. People were sliding off the sides of the road,” said Byron Chambers, another driver who mentioned the improving conditions Friday afternoon ahead of the additional snowfall.

From Edinburgh south, Indiana State Police also reported a long list of slide-off’s, fender-benders and other accidents mostly on the Interstates that were described as slick and snow-covered.