Greenwood digs out from season’s first winter storm

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GREENWOOD — The second round of snow in this first storm of the season has proved to be treacherous. Many roads, especially to the south of Indianapolis, were passable, but not easily.

S.R. 135, Friday, was a roadway that was one long sheet of packed snow and ice, and if you were daring enough to drive it, you were having to take it slow. The streets tucked in the neighborhoods here in Greenwood were not much better. Some were like ice skating rinks. Sounds cliche, but for the people who live here, it’s just how it is.

“Always,” said Dave Hubble of Greenwood, “they always hit the main roads first before they hit here.”

There were spots that almost made having a Zamboni look good. Greenwood received a tenth of an inch of ice before the snow. After the transition to snow happened, it piled up, and it is Hubble’s job to clear the driveway at his house.

“It’s wet and heavy, but not too bad. good exercise,” Hubble said.

Then there was soon to be newlyweds Brook Snapp and Mike Patterson.
They were on mission in this weather…to move!

“We didn’t realize it was gonna be this type of weather. I guess we shoulda watched the news,” Patterson said.

When you’re waiting on a snow plow to clear your street, driving anything is no easy job, neither is shoveling.

“Unfortunately with Indiana, you buy a snow blower, you don’t need it, so, you know, it comes and goes,” Hubble said.

Look at it this way though, the roads may be slick, downright treacherous in some spots. One good thing this storm did, it gave the christmas lights a blanket of snow to shine through, creating a picturesque scene for a holiday card.

Snow crews plan to stay out on the roads until each one has been treated. As the temperatures plummet, the slush could refreeze. Do not rush to where ever you’re going, you’ll just put yourself and others in danger.