We will see coldest weather since last February over upcoming week

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Snow totals from the NWS

It’s cold!  Sure you probably didn’t need me to tell you that but once again today we can say today’s weather is the coldest since mid-February with temperatures just barely climbing into the low 20s.  This deep chill moves on for a day with slightly warmer weather moving in for Sunday.  Sunday will also see another chance for snow with places getting a nice dusting.

High pressure slides through today keeping skies clear but snow will ensure that temps don’t get a bump.  Places where snow is on the ground will likely see their highs a good 2 – 5 RBS_TEMP2degrees colder than places that do not have any snow on the ground.

High pressure pushes off to the east by tomorrow morning allowing for moisture to move up from the gulf.  Sunday highs will be warmer, with highs in the upper 20s, but cloudy.  Light snow will also be possible with isolated communities seeing an additional inch of snow on the ground.  By Monday morning a cold front will put an end to the ‘warmer’ weather with temperatures falling so much we expect to see teens as highs on Tuesday.  The rest of the week will be dry but cold with highs slowly warming to 32 degrees for a high on Friday.