Winter weather advisories issued due to ice across the state

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*UPDATE* Ice is already covering the majority of our viewing area and this includes our main roads too!  Accidents and slide-offs have been reported in Marion County along I-465 on the east side and along I-65.  Earlier, slide-offs were reported throughout Tippecanoe County.  Freezing drizzle will continue throughout the night and will continue to coat the roads, cars, sidewalks, driveways.. everything!  Please use extreme caution when on the road.  Even if you don’t see ice, it may very well be there.


Central Indiana has had it’s fare share of nasty weather and we continue to see some weather woes out there tonight.  For the most part today, it has just been light snowfall across the state.  Most people I’ve spoken with today across the state report a dusting to 1/2″ of new snow falling today.  As expected, the snow has been rather minor.  What I’m more concerned with is our chance for freezing drizzle in the hours ahead.  Yes, temperatures here on the ground will remain well below freezing the rest of the night.  But a thin layer of warm air is moving in aloft and that could spell trouble this evening and overnight.  It looks like we could see freezing drizzle throughout the evening hours and up until 4 AM.    After 4 AM, most of the moisture will be done but a few flurries or light snow showers cannot be ruled out around sunrise.

Winter Advisories ADIBecause of this, the NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory (blue) and Freezing Rain Advisory (purple) across the state to warn of ice accumulating overnight.  This likely won’t be a thick layer of ice.  But it will be thin and slick!  Freezing drizzle has also been reported from 4:30 PM and beyond and it will only continue overnight.  Expect any untreated roads to be slick in the morning.

Your main roads, highways and interstates have been treated and those materials will work well and keep the roads free of ice.  But where you need to watch out is on your driveway, sidewalks and side streets.  Any of those that have not been treated with rock salt or some sort of deicing agent could see a thin sheet of ice due to the freezing drizzle.  Just proceed with caution!  Any roads that were not treated for the recent snow storm will likely be slick tomorrow morning.

Meteogram tomorrowWe could see some light snow showers and flurries Monday morning but no new snow accumulation is expected for us.  Skies remain cloudy and temperatures will only top out in the upper 20’s.  We should be around 41°F this time of year so we are sitting well below normal and the snow pack isn’t helping matters!

Skies remain overcast again Monday night and temperatures should fall into the mid teens.  We’ll also see a wave of moisture making its into the Ohio Valley on Tuesday morning.


This is not going to impact the majority of the area, but instead the southern 1/3 of the state could see a brief shot of snow Tuesday morning.  As it stands today, this would be south of the city but we’ll keep any eye on it as light snow cannot be ruled out yet.

The big thing to know about this week is that it will remain cold!  Temperatures won’t crack the 30 degree mark until Friday.  And overnight lows could dip down into the single digits by Wednesday or Thursday morning.  Bundle up and enjoy the snow pack, it’s going anywhere anytime soon!