Too busy to cook this holiday season? Check this out!

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Too busy to cook a full holiday meal? One UK video game store may just have the product for you.

Retailer GAME has come out with a product called ‘Christmas Tinner’ – a whole holiday meal in a can.

The “meal” consists of nine layers of food like scrambled eggs, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, stuffing, carrots and Christmas pudding.

GAME says it developed the product for busy gamers: “According to new research almost half (43 per cent) of the nation’s gamers plan to spend the majority of Christmas day playing on their new consoles and games. That’s why retailer GAME has developed the Christmas Tinner, enabling gamers to get their teeth into GAME play all day without having to miss out on a mouthful of their favourite food or do the washing-up.”

One can of Christmas Tinner goes for £1.99, about $3.25.