Advisories have expired, cold continues

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Next round of snow will come in Tuesday morning

Winter advisories have been allowed to expire for today as cold front is now through.  This means temperatures should once again be warm enough for us to see all snow and not freezing drizzle for the rest of the morning.  We are still dealing with freezing fog this morning and the fog may make some spots off to our south along I-65 and off to the northeast along I-69 slick.

Why did we see freezing drizzle with temperatures still several degrees below freezing?  An analysis of the atmosphere over the weekend showed a clear warm sector as the warm front came through located just above the surface.  So snow falling melted just above the surface and didn’t have a chance to refreeze (sleet).  As the cold front finally swept through behind the warm front things have returned to have they were with us just seeing a chance for snow if anything for the remainder of the day.

Looking at your forecast for the remainder of the week we will stay bitterly cold.  The coldest weather seen since last February is likely to move in during the middle of the week.  This cold weather will be behind another cold front that will pass through tonight into early Tuesday morning.  Mid-week lows could fall to near 5° with highs in the mid-20s.  We begin to see temperatures ticking up starting on Friday with highs returning to the 30s.  The seasonal average high for today is 41°.