Hancock Co. coroner accused of stealing toy trucks from Walmart

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HANCOCK COUNTY (Dec. 9, 2013) – More problems for the Hancock County Coroner’s Office.

Greenfield police arrested Crystel Myers after they say she stole two remote control toy monster trucks from a Walmart store on Thanksgiving Day.

According to court documents, a detective assigned to investigate the theft recognized Myers on the surveillance footage because he’d worked with her on several death investigations in the past. Jordan Rose, a man wanted in connection with another theft case, was also seen in the footage. He faces theft charges.

Police arrested Myers Friday at her Greenfield apartment and charged her with theft. According to court documents, Myers and Rose went through the checkout line without paying for everything in their cart. Investigators said they left the store with three of the toy monster trucks while only paying for one.

“At no time does (Myers) mention or alert (Rose) or the cashier that only one truck was scanned,” the probable cause affidavit said.

Myers wanted the trucks for her three sons, Rose told police. Investigators found all three trucks at Myers’ apartment. One was wrapped and under the Christmas tree; two others had been hidden, court documents said.

Court documents also said Rose stole PlayStation 3, Xbox and Nintendo DS video game systems while at the store. Myers, investigators said, knew Rose had stolen the electronics from Walmart but wasn’t aware that he had tried to get ride of them.

Police recovered the Nintendo DS from Treasures to Cash in Greenfield, where Rose said he’d sold the system for cash. The Xbox and PlayStation 3 systems were recovered from trash cans at Myers’ residence.

This isn’t the first time a Hancock County coroner has run into legal trouble. Myers was voted into office after Tammy Vangundy, the previous coroner, resigned.

Investigators said Vangundy showed up drunk at a crime scene in May 2012. Video of the incident showed her stumbling through a field sobriety test before she was taken into custody.

Vangundy eventually pleaded guilty to misconduct and DUI, and was sentenced to two years’ probation.