Residents rescued from apartment fire

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GREENTOWN – Two men are among those being credited for rescuing residents of an apartment complex that went up in flames over the weekend.

Fire crews from the Greentown Fire Department, along with four other township fire departments, responded to the fire just before midnight Saturday.

When they arrived on scene, officials say residents were already safely out of their homes thanks to neighbors and other people passing by.

“The fire had gotten so big,” said Dezmon Fouce. He said he and his friend Kevin Parker were on their way home to Marion when they saw the smoke.

“I said let’s go this way, I said let’s be nosey,” he recalled. “When we pulled up there was a car and it was all the way engulfed in flames.”

Fouce and his friend decided to take action.

“We were banging on doors. Went around banging on doors to let people know that their home was on fire.”

Out of 10 apartments, seven were destroyed. However, there were no injuries reported.

The fire chief told Fox 59 it’s solely because everyone got out quickly.

“No sooner than everybody got to safety, everything had already been engulfed in flames,” Fouce explained.

Since then, he and his friend have been getting a lot of gratitude, but Fouce said he just did what they were supposed to do.

“We happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

Officials say most of the apartment complex is a total loss. The Red Cross is assisting residents with temporary shelter.