GED changes cause rush at local testing centers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For the first time in about a decade the GED exam will go through some major changes. The move has local testing centers booked solid with students trying to take the exam. There is a rush to complete it before the end of the year when it will be replaced by a new exam.

Adding to the concern, students who have already completed portions of the exam will have to start over unless they finish it in time. There’s also fear the new test will be more difficult. The computer-based exam will also be more expensive, the price is expected to go up from $70 to $90.

Here in Indiana the current GED test will be replaced by the TAC high school equivalency test. Education experts say the changes will hopefully better prepare students for college or a career.

“The amount of phone calls of people trying to get in to take a test has probably time and a half to 2 times maybe doubled trying to get it completed,” said Todd Deley with the Metroplitan School District of Washington Township.

Some centers have added extra sections to keep up with the demand.