Reverse angle parking comes to Broad Ripple

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 10, 2013) – Drivers looking to park in Broad Ripple have a new option.

Reverse angle parking will be available on the east side of Cornell Avenue from 65th to 66th streets. Officials with the Department of Public Works said reverse angle parking will create more spaces, reduce the number of traffic accidents and make it easier to unload vehicles.

The new spaces complement resurfacing and drainage improvements on Cornell Avenue as completed by DPW engineers.

With reverse angle parking, drivers are able to see spaces before backing into them. It also prevents drivers from having to back out, giving them better visibility when leaving.

Reverse parking requires three steps:

  • Signal: Use turn signal to indicate parking.
  • Stop: Pull past the space, then stop to make sure no traffic is behind you.
  • Reverse: Reverse into parking spot.

New York Street in front of the Federal Building already has reverse angle parking, as do spots on the north side of Michigan Street from New Jersey Street to East Street.