Thieves target southside apartment, steal woman’s late son’s belongings

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Neighbors are fed up with criminals preying on their apartment complex. In the last three months, more than a dozen police reports have been filed at the Parc Bordeaux Apartments on the city’s south side.

The latest incident involved a couple being held up at gunpoint while scrapping the ice on their car.

Christmas was nearly ruined for Becky Phillips a few days ago.

“I don’t know why they keep coming here but it’s scary,” said Phillips.

The 62-year-old went into her storage unit next door to grab Christmas decorations. She found burglars had unscrewed the hinges to the door and took everything inside — including clothes, pictures, and IDs that once belonged to her son, Dennis. He passed away eight years ago.

“He died of sleep apnea,” said Phillips tearfully. “The things they took from me can never be replaced. It’s heart-wrenching.”

Staff at the main office told police burglars knocked down a wall, and ran off with a 700-pound laundry machine with cash inside.

On the same day, a neighbor tells Fox59 her license plate and registration were stolen. She claims thieves have broken into her car almost every week.

“I’m violated, frustrated and upset,” she said. “What can you do when you’re in bed, asleep and someone’s out ransacking your vehicle?”

In October, several neighbors found their car batteries stripped off under the hood. Becky’s son, Carey, also had his pickup and tools stolen overnight.

“This is not okay. This is painful. This is destroying families,” said Phillips. “We have a guy who actually caught a couple of guys and ran after them.”

She’s grateful for friends who surprised her with a new Christmas tree, but she’s hoping to catch the holiday Grinches who keep coming back.

“[The things they took] don’t mean anything to anybody else but me,” she said. “I think it’s terrible.”