With donations down, old-fashioned red kettles go digital

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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s the time of year charities like the Salvation Army turn to, but so far donations in this holiday season are down.

The Indiana Salvation Army is only about one-third of the way to its yearly fundraising goal and this year, donations to its iconic red kettles are down.

The organization says the late Thanksgiving holiday is partially to blame, but it also cites a rise in people’s desire to pay online, not in person.

“I hope that there’s always a place for the Christmas kettle,” Major John Turner with the Indiana Salvation Army said.

Turner showed Fox 59 some of the new ways the Salvation Army is turning online to generate funds.

At onlineredkettle.org, you can create your own virtual red kettle and raise funds through friends and family.

You can also visit a new site, registertoring.com, to find a kettle near you and sign up to volunteer.

“It’s becoming more and more popular,” Turner said.

The group hopes this new wave of the Christmas campaign season will boost donations in a different way, but also doesn’t see the red kettles leaving their post anytime soon.

“Perhaps they’ll be used less in the future as people turn to other technologies and ways to give, but we always hope that they’re out there,” Turner said.

To donate online, go to the Salvation Army Indiana website and click “Make a Gift” on the right of the page.

You can also text a donation by texting “RING” for $5 or “GIVE” for $10 to 80888.