INDOT crews out to protect you

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INDIANAPOLIS — Snow plow drivers with the Indiana Department of Transportation are getting ready for what’s probably going to be a long night. They spent much of Friday on the roads with the goal in mind of keeping you safe ahead of this impending snow storm.

They were pre-treating the roads so when the snow does start to fall and stick, they’re ready.

“INDOT’s top priority in winter weather is to make sure we keep highways as safe as possible. So making sure we get the right resources in the right places at the right times is essential,” said Nathan Riggs, with INDOT’s Media Relations office.

The right places before the storm hits are the elevated highways, like the bridges and overpasses. Riggs says those are what freeze first, so the drivers spent Friday spraying a layer of liquid de-icer to keep the temperature at a melting point for as long as possible. Of course, when the storm plasters us with the expected several inches of snow, the shovels will be down and the liquid will be replaced by salt crystals. It’s all in the name of protection before and after the storm. Lets face it, it’s an Indiana winter and snow happens.

Shelby County’s Kim Spegal is already tired of it already, but is preparing anyway…

“Well, I’m leaving a little bit of water running so my pipes don’t freeze, and opening up my cabinets and just trying to stay warm,” Spegal said.

Then, there are some Hoosiers who are excited about the snow.

“I love the snow…Central Indiana, the snow is the best part,” said Nancy Hammes.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works will have their drivers out. 90 trucks will take care of the city streets, spreading salt and plowing when the snow piles up.