Bisard’s attorneys working on plea deal in second DUI crash

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 16, 2013) – The attorney for former Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer David Bisard is trying to work out a plea deal for his client in connection with a second DUI crash.

Bisard was found guilty last month for an August 2010 crash that killed one motorcyclist and severely injured two others. That trial was moved to Fort Wayne because of intense media coverage in the Indianapolis area. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In April, Bisard was arrested for DUI again after crashing a pickup truck in Lawrence. His blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit, according to investigators.

Bisard was due in court Tuesday for a pretrial conference, but his attorneys filed a motion to make that an attorney only status conference. A judge granted the request.

According to the motion, “the parties hereby inform the Court that they are working diligently to negotiate a plea agreement in this case and anticipate that terms of the same can be completed within thirty (30 ) days after the December 17, 2013 hearing. The parties then anticipate requesting the Court set the matter for a Guilty Plea hearing.”

If all goes well, the judge will likely set a sentencing date early next year. Bisard could get another year in prison for the second drunk driving crash.