S.C. police chief donates cruisers to Knightstown police

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KNIGHTSTOWN (Dec. 16, 2013) – A local police chief who let himself get shocked in order to raise money for new police cars got an assist from a South Carolina police department.

In November, Knightstown Chief Danny Baker agreed to be hit with a Taser to raise money and promote the need for new cars. The event raised enough for a new cruiser.

But Baker got an early Christmas present when Richard Woods, the chief of South Carolina’s Ridgeland Police Department, contacted him and said he had four cruisers to give to the Knightstown Police Department.

Woods said his department had recently purchased new squad cars and had opted not to trade in the older cruisers. He said they were “basically sitting in our back storage lot.” He wanted to avoid a lot of attention but felt it was “the right thing to do” for the Knightstown Police Department.

So Baker and three drivers hit the road last week to pick up the free cars in South Carolina. Each Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor is in good working condition and has 100,000 miles or fewer on it. Baker said the new cruisers will be put to good use.