Man dead after police chase, shooting at home on southeast side

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 18, 2013) –A fatality has been confirmed after a police chase and shooting on the southeast side.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police told FOX59 that the chase ended in the 3800 block of South Franklin Road.

A Park Ranger approached the man in Brookside Park as requested by the IMPD gang unit that was working nearby. She claimed she smelled alcohol inside his car, and when she started asking questions, he gave her ‘evasive’  answers and took off.

After a short police chase, the man crashed into another vehicle, then fled into what is believed to be his home as authorities said he yelled, “I have a gun.”

Before the shooting, police attempted to speak to the man and get him to cooperate. However, before crisis negotiators arrived, police confirmed that an officer shot and killed the suspect through an open window after he reportedly made an ‘aggressive movement.”

“They talked to him for several minutes, and told him it wasn’t worth it. The suspect made some statements, and what it boils down to is he failed to follow the orders of the officers,” said Lt. Chris Bailey, spokesperson for IMPD.

The officer who fired the fatal shot is now on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. The Firearms Review Board and Internal Affairs will conduct separate investigations.

“This is very serious when you have to take someone’s life. That changes you forever,” said Lt. Chris Bailey.

IMPD Chief Rick Hite mentions the possibility of a suicide-by-cop scenario: “There is such a thing as suicide by cop, and we oftentimes don’t talk about it, but we need to look at it, and what’s going on in the minds of people. Nothing is worth losing their life over.”

The Marion County Crime Lab will assist in gathering evidence.  The deceased suspect will be transported to the Marion County Coroner’s Office where positive identification will be determined and notification will be made to his family.  More information may be released once the investigation is complete.

Police believe the suspect was on probation for operating while under the influence. (OWI)