EMS workers brighten Christmas holiday for a child

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MUNCIE – A pair of Delaware County EMS workers have spearheaded an effort to help an 8-year-old boy who recently lost his grandfather.

Advanced EMT Wayne Loudy and Paramedic Kurt Mathews responded to a 911 call in October. The call was made by Brenda Rhye. She dailed 911 because her husband, Eddie, was having a stroke. Brenda and Eddie Rhye are the grandparents and guardians of 8-year-old Dakota.

Loudy and Mathews stayed with Brenda Rhye and Dakota at the hospital. Eddie Rhye passed away a few days later and it impacted Dakota and Brenda Rhye. It also impacted Loudy and Mathews, the EMS workers.

“Six years ago Sunday, I lost my father and my 11-year-old boy at the time found him and I know the hole that that (left) in my son’s heart ’cause I see it everyday,” Loudy said.
Loudy and Mathews felt compelled to make sure Dakota would be okay.

“The thing that got us was when he said…he grabbed (his grandfather’s) arm and said don’t forget we gotta go fishing Saturday,” Loudy said.

At the time, Brenda Rhye could not afford to enroll Dakota in the boy scouts, which is why Loudy and Mathews with the help of many people in Delaware county,made sure to take care of that for the next 2 years. Brenda Rhye said Dakota was close with Eddie.

Besides that help, people donated money so that Loudy and Mathews could buy Dakota presents for Christmas. Dakota participated in ‘Shop with a Cop’ too. Loudy and Mathews said they have a special bond with the young boy and they wanted to make sure they did their part to help.

“I don’t know if he (Dakota) realizes (this) or not, but he’s got quite a few friends here to watch over him the next few years,” Loudy said.

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