Paramedic recovering after getting injured in wreck

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A Boone County mother is looking for a little Christmas help after she was badly injured in a crash while working as a paramedic. Since the mother of two hasn’t been able to work, she’s struggling to give her daughters a merry Christmas.

“All of a sudden, she was like ‘its ice,’ and that was the last thing she said” Amber Welch recalls of the accident. “She didn’t even get the word ice out and just started, slipped on black ice and just started flipping everywhere.”

Amber was working as a paramedic in route to a 911 call. That night however, she became the patient.

“I don’t remember but I guess I hit the windshield a bunch of times and a whole bunch of places and my partner pulled me down from the windshield when we stopped. I don’t remember any of that. I think it’s just the fear of all of it that I just can’t remember.”

The ambulance was mangled. Amber suffered a fractured spine and hasn’t been able to work since. She recently moved into her new Habitat for Humanity home. Thankfully, the organization is working with her on making mortgage payments. Now she’s struggling to buy Christmas presents for her two daughters.

“I have no idea. Like what I’m gonna do. What I’m gonna do for the girls. How I’m gonna pay my bills. How I’m gonna do anything. It’s just stress.”

Amber has filed a worker’s compensation claim with her job however that won’t kick in for a while. She says her girls understand she doesn’t have money and can’t work right now.

Both girls have been pitching in around the house. They even decorated the Christmas tree. And although they only have two presents right now, Amber says they have a lot to be thankful for – life.

Amber says her family and friends have been a huge help. She also says Habitat for Humanity is putting her current house payments on the end of her mortgage until she has a regular income again.