Crowds downtown for Auto Show, Free admission with Colts ticket

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INDIANAPOLIS — More and more often, Indianapolis is ranked as one of the top places to visit.

Tens of thousands of people are in the city this weekend for a special auto show.

The Indianapolis Auto Show is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary. It’s the second-longest running auto show in America.

“We came to visit family, but we arrived a day early,” said John Lorenzo.

Lorenzo brought his family from Florida a day early so he could show them what the city has to offer.

Lorenzo’s dad started bringing him downtown 15 years ago.

They’ve loved watching it change over the years.

“Oh it’s better, all the new buildings,” said Lorenzo’s dad, John. “It’s growing so much. I don’t get down here as often as I used to, but it’s still nice to visit.”

If you buy a ticket to Sunday’s Colts game, you can get into the Indianapolis Auto Show for free before or after the game by showing your ticket.

The Auto Show is open at the Indiana Convention Center through January 1, 2014.