Family catches burglars inside home, takes action

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Police arrest two burglars after a family caught them ransacking their home. It happened on Christmas Eve at Patricia Koger’s house on the southside of Muncie.

Koger and her son, Austin Durke, 18, were heading back after a family gathering when they saw their curtains and blinds down, their air-conditioning unit gone, and lights on.

“It was so surreal,” said Koger. “We realized somebody was standing in our living room and fear just overcame me.”

Instead of pulling into the driveway, Koger drove back to her father’s house down the street to call 911. Austin and his uncle ran back to the house to stop the burglars from getting away.

They found Dustin Samuels, 39, of Muncie, trying to get out of a bedroom window.

“My son’s looking straight at him in the face and he says, ‘There’s no way out. The cops are on their way.'” said Koger.

Samuels then dove through a back window, but didn’t get too far.

“He was still kind of stumbling from diving out of the window and my brother-in-law just tackled him,” said Koger.

Patricia helped hold Samuels down while her sister caught up with the second burglar, Tina Lofton, 32, of Muncie.

Police got to the scene five minutes later.

The family got back in the house to find nearly all of their electronics unplugged in the kitchen. Investigators learned the two crooks had also broke into a neighbor’s home earlier that day.

“You mess with one, you mess with all of us,” Koger chuckled.

Pat said she couldn’t have stopped the criminals without her family, especially her son.

“He followed through completely. I couldn’t ask anymore from him,” she said. “I’m a very proud mom.”

Samuels and Lofton are being held in the Delaware County Jail. Both are facing burglary charges.