Generosity for the holidays

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BROWNSBURG (Dec. 27) — An Indiana Army National Guard Sergeant is thanking a secret santa. Sgt. Courtney Driver says she was having lunch at a local restaurant, and not only was she given her food, she was given a special surprise by a member of the waitstaff.

Generosity comes in all sorts of ways. In this case, it came as an unexpected surprise. On Christmas Eve, Sgt. Driver was with her husband taking a christmas shopping lunch break at Buffalo Wild Wings on Hwy. 267.

“Fried pickles and buffalo chips with extra chips, it’s the same thing every time,” said Sgt. Driver.

What set this experience apart from the other times was being waited on by Kati Eggleton.

“Got my lunch and then got what I thought would be the bill and turned it over and it was the warmest message I’ve ever seen,” said Sgt. Driver.

It came from Eggleteon’s heart.

“Merry Christmas. I took care of your lunch today as my very small way to tell you thank you for your service. God bless you and have a wonderful holiday.”

“I’m a single mom,” said Eggleton. “I had quite a bit of help trying to get christmas situated for my daughter and it’s one of those pay it forward things.”

“A $9 lunch is the absolute least I could do. These guys don’t get enough thanks for everything that they do on a day to day basis.”

Both ladies finally had a chanced to thank each other and give each other a huge hug.

“Just to get that support, it…it makes you feel good,” said Sgt. Driver.

Sgt. Driver said the generous gesture from Kati makes you think about the Hoosier Hospitality that is all over the place. After all, Indiana is the Hoosier state.