Westfield homicides suspect and informant arrest records revealed

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 27, 2013)– When Christian Haley faces a Hamilton County judge this afternoon to be charged with the murders of a Westfield woman and her adult daughter, it won’t be the first time his alleged tendancy toward violence and poor judgement has put the young Indianapolis man behind bars during the holiday season.

Until now, Haley’s witnesses to his anger had typically been his own family.

Haley was arrested Thursday night and charged with the December 20th murders of Mary-Lyn and Kelley Erb during what investigators believe was a botched robbery attempt at their home on Oak Park Court.

A source tells Fox 59 News that Haley reportedly thought the home of his ex-boss would be unoccupied.

On Christmas Day of 2009, as a sixteen year old, Haley pushed his grandmother down after an argument when she tried to retrieve the holiday gifts she had given him just hours before. The woman told police her grandson had been disrespectful. Lawrence police placed the boy in handcuffs and arrested him for battery. Haley spent Christmas night in the Marion County Juvenile detention facility.

It was on New Year’s Eve morning, less than a week later, when Haley tangled with his mother after throwing three boxes of cereal down a toilet. For punishment Haley told Metro police his mother took away, “his special ball adding that it helps him calm down.” Tracee Hunter, 33, told police her son pushed her and she wanted him arrested for battery. “Christian added that he’d rather be arrested than stay in the home with his family.” Haley’s wish was granted and he was transported to the juvenile center for the second time in a week.

Within three weeks Haley was back home and raising the stakes.

It was on January 21, 2010, that Hunter and her mother, Debra Cooper, tried to take away Haley’s gaming system because of his misbehavior. Haley responded by physically threatening his 54-year-old grandmother and warning that he knew where she kept a firearm. “I will take your gun and kill you,” the women quoted the boy. Mother and daughter said they were in fear of their safety from their child. “They said that Christian has been violent in the past.” For the third time in a month Haley was on his way to the juvenile center in handcuffs.

A year later, Haley was found in the vicinity of a mountain bike that a witness told police he watched the teen steal from a semi-trailer. A month ago Haley and his brother were victims of a strong arm robbery but told police, “They was going to take care of business.”

Cooper told police her grandsons are involved with an eastside gang.

Westfield Police picked up Haley Thursday morning because of an informant’s cooperation.

Photographs from a surveillance video released days after the Westfield killings showed a man walking into a pair of eastside Indianapolis stores reportedly to use the victim’s credit cards.

A tip led police to a 21-year-old Lawrence man with a violent criminal history who was already facing theft charges in Hamilton County.

Jamiyl Gilbert, who cooperated with police and was not arrested, had been an armed robbery victim himself as well as being accused of attempting to rape an ex-girlfriend at gunpoint on the same day he was investigated for burglarizing a neighbor’s home.

Two months ago he was named as a suspect along with three other men in car break-ins in the 7900 block of North Shadeland Avenue.

Gilbert faces a February 20th jury trial.

One of his alleged accomplices would appear to be related to William E. Pargo, 36, who was arrested along with Chris Edward Williams, Jr., 25, for car break-ins in the Fishers area two days before Christmas.

Pargo has a history of arrests and police reports for northside car break-ins, threatening to kill the mother of his child, being arrested at a Castleton-area Bravo restaurant on an outstanding warrant and being on the scene of two violent homicides.

Haley, Gilbert, and the other known associates all reside in the same general area on Indianapolis’ northeast side where police served at least two search warrants Thursday as a result of the Westfield investigation.

Investigators were also seeking to confirm the informant’s story and specific details of the crime scene that only the killer would know.