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Five buildings burglarized; church included

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INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 29) — Five burglaries on one street in Indianapolis, all with in just a few blocks of each other. Indianapolis Metro police detectives say they occurred Saturday and Sunday.

The locations that were hit include a coffee shop, a cell phone store and a church. The head of church maintenance says whoever did this busted out a window and stole some very special things.

“They walked through the hallway and they took our fire extinguisher and they beat the office door a nice hole so they could stick their arm in and help themselves,” said Dwayne Weigel.

Not to money or electronics, but kids’ Christmas presents.

“They (the kids) don’t know about it. They’re coming here expecting us to give them something and we don’t have them no more,” Weigel said.

In the two years that Weigel has been a part of the United Methodist Church, he says they’ve been hit four times. This latest one happened around 9:30a.m. Saturday.

“I don’t know, this is the Lord’s house and people don’t have the respect that they used to. It used to be that a thief might be a thief but he’d see a church and he’d move the other way. Nowadays, we’re the vulnerable ones,” Weigel said.

On E. 10th St., four other businesses were hit over the weekend. Just after 5 a.m. Saturday, someone broke in to a cell phone store by smashing a window with a brick. Two hours later, a worker at Audrey’s Place came face to face with someone who’d gotten in and stolen a computer. Between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, Tin Comet Coffee had $3 stolen from the cash register. A brick was used to get in here, and owner Matt Davis still has it on the front counter.

“The window was busted, but thankfully none of the equipment was broken. That was my biggest concern,” Davis said.

A cash register was stolen from Chicago’s Fish and Chicken when it was broken to Saturday night. The damage was reported around 10 a.m. Sunday. There’s now a feeling at the United Methodist Church, that is being echoed with others in this community.

“We don’t understand it, we just want it to stop,” Weigel said.

There was a wallet left at the scene of the coffee shop burglary, but there’s no word if police have arrested anyone in these cases.