RECIPES: Chocolate Mousse

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Valrhona Chocolate Mousse

Valrhona chocolate, cut into equal pieces                  1 ¼#

Eggs, separated                                                                  5 ea

Sugar, granulated                                                              equal vol. to egg whites

Water                                                                                                ¼c

Heavy Cream                                                                       ½ gallon

Vanilla                                                                                   1T

Powdered sugar                                                                 1c

Kaluha                                                                                   2T



  1. Whip heavy whip with powdered sugar and vanilla – reserve
  2. Whip egg whites and sugar to stiff peaks  – reserve
  3. Melt chocolate using a double boiler
  4. Warm eggs and water until thickened, using a double boiler
  5. Once eggs are thickened combine with the chocolate, work quickly to fully incorporate
  6. Add kaluha to the mixture
  7. Incorporate egg white/sugar mixture
  8. Incorporate heavy cream completely, no white streaks

—- Chef Ryan Nelson of Late Harvest Kitchen