Indiana woman who survived duck boat crash speaks to media

RECIPES: New Year’s Eve Drinks

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No Resolutions

1 oz Gin or Vodka

1 oz Fresh Red Grapefruit

.5 oz Campari

.75 oz Honey Water

2 oz Prosecco


Combined gin or vodka, grapefruit, Campari, and honey water into shaker with ice and shake well.  Pour into champagne flute and top with Prosecco.

Sleeping In Punch

1 Bottle Stetson Bourbon

250 ml Fresh Lemon

300 ml Apple Cider

125 ml Rosemary Maple Syrup*

Cayenne Pepper


* simmer 1 pint of 100% pure maple syrup with 2 to 3 sprigs of Rosemary until hot, remove from heat and let cool.  Strain out rosemary and put in sealed container, refrigerate.

Combine all ingredients but cayenne into Punchbowl or pitcher.  Stir well, pour into glass with ice and top with a pinch of cayenne pepper.