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Cold weather prompts frostbite warnings

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FISHERS – As Central Indiana braces for more snow and extremely cold temperatures, doctors are warning Hoosiers to take care of their bodies.

At St. Vincent Fishers Hospital, the ER was busy treating broken bones and cuts from slips and falls.

Dr. Robert Blankenship said it’s very easy to get hurt in the winter. But what he is really concerned about is the dangerously cold temperatures we are facing in the coming days and the threat of frostbite.

“It happens very quickly, within a few minutes, with skin that’s not covered at all,” he explained. “The most common areas are the face, the cheeks, the nose, the ears, obviously the fingers, the toes. But it can happen anywhere within a few minutes to 10-20 minutes. It starts with just pain, maybe some redness and then it becomes numbness, and then it becomes completely painless.”

He recommends wearing layers of clothing including gloves, a scarf, and a hat.

He also warned people to take it easy when they are shoveling snow. Exerting yourself can be hard on your heart and lead to a heart attack.

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