Central Indiana grocery stores very busy ahead of winter storm

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 3) — Grocery stores across Central Indiana were packed with people buying their essentials to deal with a winter storm. Some of the store shelves holding the milk, bread and other necessities to survive a storm were wiped clean, but were being restocked just as quickly. The check-out lines at the Meijer store in Carmel were crazy.

“I have three boys at home so I’m buying lots of snacks, juice boxes and then the normal staples, bread and milk, everything that everybody else here is buying,” said Emily Kahn, a Target store shopper.

That’s obvious by just looking at the refrigerator case. Some of the slots normally carrying gallons of milk didn’t have any for a little while. Hardworking shelf stockers were busy adding more cases of water, another popular pre-storm purchase.

“Ya know, it is still gonna be really cold so we just gotta get what we need and make sure we have it,” Kahn said.

Target store management says the crowds, Friday, were a little more inflated than they’d see on a Friday. But, Meijer’s checkout lines were snaking in to the clothing aisles with some folks waiting up to 30 minutes to pay.

“I’m just doing my normal weekly shopping. I picked the wrong day i guess,” said shopper Hal Levine. “I’m not worried about food, I am worried about traffic on Monday morning.”

“It’s crazy,” said another shopper experiencing the long lines at Meijer.

Snow is no big thing for her, she’s originally from Wisconsin.

“When I first moved here, they had runs on grocery stores and my husband and we just shook our heads. I got a snow blower, I can start it,” she said.

Back at Target, Emily Kahn will take all of her stuff home, hunker down and keep her kids happy.

“Trying to get myself through at least the middle of next week, just in case,” Kahn said.