Franklin family welcomes rare set of triplets

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indiana couple welcomed a rare set of triplets this week.

Avery, Bentley and Cassidy Doss were born on Monday at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital to Chad and Amanda Doss of Franklin, Ind.

“They’re just perfect,” the proud parents said about the newest additions to their family.

The triplets are rare because they are identical and naturally conceived. In fact, the couple was surprised at how quickly Amanda became pregnant. Chad had two children from a previous marriage and then got a vasectomy. After he married Amanda, the couple decided to have children together and reversed the procedure.

The first time mother-to-be didn’t know a lot about pregnancy, but she knew something was very different about hers early on.

“I kinda felt like I was getting bigger faster than most people that I knew,” she explained.

During a doctor’s appointment to find out the gender of the baby, Chad noticed something strange was going on with the ultrasound.

“I was like ‘Man I’ve seen that body part a couple of times’,” he laughed.

Then he saw the letters A, B, and C on the screen. Amanda reassured him, there was no way they were having more than one. The technician proved them wrong and told them they were having triplets.

“I was like are you joking me?” Amanda said laughing. Both she and Chad were in shock, but overcome with joy. Later, they’d be even more surprised at learning the rarity of their bundle of joy.

“Of the last probably 20 or so years, I’ve taken care of probably 200 sets of triplets. And out of those she’s the third that I recall to have identical triplets,” said Dr. James Sumners who has been overseeing Amanda’s pregnancy.

They girls were due late February, but the Doss family knew they might come early. Amanda started having contractions three weeks ago so her doctor admitted her into the hospital to closely monitor the pregnancy.

“Every day I was having contractions but wasn’t feeling them. And then on Monday, I really wasn’t feeling well,” she recalled. “All of a sudden, my water broke!”

Delivery took about an hour, and the girls were born through a C-section. Avery came out first, followed by Cassidy and then Bentley.

“They were born at 1:05, 1:06, and 1:07 (pm),” said Amanda.

Avery weighed 3 lbs. 15 oz., Bentley was much bigger at 4 lbs. 3 oz., and Cassidy is the tiniest at 3 lbs. 11 oz.

The triplets are growing every day, but won’t get to go home until February when they are able to take a bottle and maintain their own body temperature.

Even though they are identical, their parents are already noticing unique personalities.

“Avery’s very, very alert, and wanting to look around,” said Chad.

“Cassidy’s just kinda by herself… she’s the strong independent one,” added Amanda.

And Bentley is showing the most progression. “I mean she’s already lifted her head up,” said her mom.

While the couple is excited to have such a rare bundle of joy, Amanda said the family is just thrilled to have them at all.

“I’m just happy they’re here and healthy.”