Frigid weather today, snow possible on Sunday

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Here’s what you need to know about today and into the weekend

It was one cold morning with temperatures falling to below 0 in many communities across Central Indiana.  In fact for Indianapolis this morning was the coldest day in over two years!  That’s a span of 2 years, 10 months and 24 days.  We won’t make it 3 days with the latest temperature drop as really cold weather will move in on Monday.  Highs on Monday and Tuesday could potentially fail to hit positive numbers.  In fact the forecast calls for temperatures of -6 on Monday and -2 on Monday.  It will be frigid weather, and the coldest in decades for the area.

Let’s talk snow.  It’s coming with the only question being how much and timing.  At this point it looks like snow will start early on Sunday with heavy snow (near whiteout?) conditions possible heading into the afternoon.  We expect at some point this morning the National Weather Service will issue a winter storm watch for area,  I have a feeling they are working on a precise storm track and once that is settled on we will see the watch issued.  How much snow can you expect?  At this point model data points at more than six inches of snow possible but little consistency between models.