Shoppers stock up on food, prepare for power outages ahead of winter storm

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By Tanae Howard

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Treacherous snow amounts and subzero temperatures are bearing down on central Indiana. There are some key steps you should take to make sure your safe, warm and have plenty of food.

Shoppers flooded stores Friday, stocking up on the staples like milk, bread and eggs. In case the power goes out, shoppers stocked up on items like canned fruit, tuna and crackers, and ready-to-eat soup.

“My biggest concern would be the power going out,” said shopper Courtney Mathews. “Just because that affects our lives in so many ways. That can shut down our communication as far as the radio and news broadcast.”

If that does happen, there are ways to get prepared. Emergency crews recommend purchasing battery powered radios, with plenty of batteries to spare. Make sure your cell phones and computers are charged as well, and have your flashlights handy.

With an arctic blast approaching, preparing your home could also keep you from another headache–frozen pipes.

“So now, people they’re getting around to wrapping pipes. There’s heat tapes for pipes that you wrap around. They’ll turn on at 38 degrees,” says the owner of Sullivan’s Hardware, Pat Sullivan.

And this is a simple step everyone can take to keep that plumbing secure, “Anytime you have water lines on an outside wall you should always open the cabinet doors allow the heat to go in there. Keep a trickle of water running. That helps,” said Sullivan.