Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for several Indiana counties

FOX59 goes inside homes without power as some hunker down

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NORTHEAST SIDE — Tens of thousands of homes remained without power across central Indiana Monday night and Fox 59 got a look inside one home where the homeowners planned to wait it out.

Chuck and Pippa Muller lost power early Monday. The couple started using a generator to charge their phones and watch DVD’s to keep them busy.

By Monday night, the Muller home was down to 54 degrees. Since it was still livable, they decided to wait it out.

Chuck Muller moved power from his generator back and forth to a hot water heater and electric sources. Still, the couple had to be resourceful in their cold and dark home.

They’re not the only ones. Indianapolis Power and Light alone reported close to 23,000 outages as of late Monday night.

Even though many Hoosiers are waiting it out, it is not recommended that anyone stay inside their homes without power in the cold weather.

If you, a friend, family member or neighbor are without power there are plenty of resources available. You should call a911 if you feel someone is endanger inside their home, or call the Red Cross for emergency shelter at 888-684-1441.

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