IPL crews rapidly working to restore power

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INDIANAPOLIS – Thousands of people are waiting for power tonight after Sunday’s winter storm.

Indianapolis Power & Light Company crews have been working to restore people’s power. They requested additional help from other utility workers. About 275 utility workers helped IPL crews.

Sunday’s storms caused 65,000 customers to lose their power. IPL crews have restored more than 42,000 people’s power as of Monday evening.

Jackie Palafox and her family live near Kessler and Roberta Drive. They lost their power Sunday around noon. Eight people live inside the home. In order to stay warm, the family wore many layers and boiled water using large pots to heat the house.

“My mom and my brothers and sisters -there’s 5 of them- they slept all in one bed with at least 5 or 6 blankets ‘cause it was that cold,” Palafox said.

Palafox and Cesar Gonzalez were worried about their 2-year-old daughter because it was extremely cold Sunday night.

“I was thinking of my daughter. She was between us (in bed) and (we were) trying to make her warm between us,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said they lit candles too. The family did not want to go to a shelter, last night, because they thought their power was going to be restored in a few hours. They did not anticipate it was going to take so long.

“(At) the moment, I thought it was only for a couple of hours. But, at 3 in the morning it got colder and then I was thinking…what am I supposed to do now,” Gonzalez said.

Palafox’s mother, Cecilia Manzano, tried to find a place to buy a heater to keep them warm until their power was restored.

“We went to the pawn shop to see if we could find one of those heating gas thingies ’cause we (have not had) lights since yesterday. (We haven’t had) gas since yesterday,” Manzano said.

Manzano said she does not think her family should stay another night inside the home.

“I’ve been telling them let’s go to an American Red Cross shelter, (if not) a motel and they don’t want to,” Manzano said.

Palafox, Gonzalez, and their family were not the only people who stayed in their home without electricity.

Sam Conover picked up his cousin at his house on Monday to take him to a family members home. His cousin, who is 94, was staying at the home without power. Conover said he did not know his cousin was trying to wait it out.

“It’s cold in his house. It’s maybe 30 degrees in that house right now. It’s pretty cold in there,” Conover said.

The power outages in Marion County are spread out throughout the area. Heavy snow on trees and frozen power lines caused these problems after Sunday’s winter storm.

“I would rather just go somewhere stay there the night (and) day ’til Thursday (until) we have light and heat,” Manzano said.

Officials advise people to stay at a shelter, if they do not have power. They encourage people to check on their neighbors, friends, and loved ones, during this time.

IPL would like to restore everyone’s power by Thursday.

If you need to report a power outage or report that a power line is down or to check whether your house has power, call 261-8111.

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