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Luck’s fumble recovery touchdown is becoming legend quickly

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INDIANAPOLIS – Only iconic plays are given the “Tecmo Treatment.”

Don’t know what that is, this late 1980s and early 1990s.

One of the most well-known sports games of that era was Tecmo Bowl, a game released by a company of the same name that was featured on a number of consoles for nearly a decade. As of late the game has reclaimed fame on the internet as well versed programmers have added the current rosters to the game allowing for the recreating of a few big plays.

Guess what play ended up there on YouTube thanks to a user name MrNFL on Sunday evening? One that Colts fans will want to remember for a long time and may keep their quarterback in the conscious of the football world for a long time.

“That was incredible,” admitted Chuck Pagano of Andrew Luck’s fumble recovery touchdown which has been perhaps the most replayed highlight of the NFL Playoffs’ Wild Card Weekend.

The box score doesn’t do it justice, marking it down as a 5-yard fumble recovery by the Colts’ quarterback. It was much more than that as you might imagine or else it wouldn’t be talked about or imagined as a 20th century video game. Donald Brown took the handoff but had the ball knocked out of his hands and up into the air and off center Samson Satele.

Luck, standing back from the play, immediately reached to the ground and grabbed the wayward ball and in one motion took off towards the goal line. He managed to step his way over his own lineman along with defenders before making a dive from the two-yard line.

With the ball in his outstretched right arm, Luck was able to reach over the goal line for the score-the most memorable of the five the Colts had in their incredible 28-point comeback win over the Chiefs.

“Oh man, that play was crazy,” admitted receiver T.Y. Hilton. “Andrew, when the ball fell, I was like ‘Somebody get it.’ Once I saw Andrew had it, I said ain’t nobody going to tackle him. He went over the top for the touchdown.”

The minute he landed in the endzone the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium erupted into a fever pitch as fans and even a few players took a second to digest a unique football play.

“No, I’ve never seen it,” said receiver LaVon Brazill of the play. “I’m glad it ended up in Andrew’s hands and he ended up making the play.”

Yet for Luck himself, there was actually a bit of lament about the play itself. After making the call for the up-the-middle run, he immediately had second thoughts once it began to develop.

“I sort of set Donald (Brown) up for failure a little bit there. It was a loaded box and I called a run,” said Luck. “I was hoping Donald would do one his amazing plays like he’d been doing all game. It didn’t happen. Sort of saw the ball there and I think you revert back to playground, whatever.

“Pick it up. Try and score.”

That’s some common humility for Luck, who also set a personal best by throwing for 443 yards in the team’s 45-44 win over the Chiefs. The somewhat iconic play may have come as a surprise to some put to his admiring teammates its something they’ve come to count on.

“That’s just Andrew being Andrew,” said Hilton of the play. “He’s a great guy. He makes big-time plays in big-time games. He made another one.”

One that lives on by word of mouth, highlights, and a video game from yesteryear.

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